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Whatshappnin folks friends brothers sisters
Forget it Flech you rule. Com-eh. Km-eh as for daniel thanks for continualy helping me get my mind right. Micheal for bein there with the sanctuary of hope. Dan Dietriech for insiring me to be myself. Seth dont break your ankles with your own simple wisdom. Tom keller ya piss me of all the time but ya got balls. Holly you secret nothings are being shouted not whispered. Lucky, In chicago we were good communists keep up the movie writing. Adam well you believe in me and understand me more than most. Skye I never call you but I really respect you and look up to you in numerous ways. Chris spitters youre like a dad and a brother kind of like jesus to me. Clay Urban You rule Positivity with a fury. Yes brother. John thanks for keepin me writin. Jay Perigrin thankyou for challenging me and trying to understand me and sharing your home. Kevin Mahoney, youre right about "Whats the big deal!". Your smile is filled with pain and strength. Geno thanks for all the brews ill get you with a 24 pack of coronas someday. Jill your so sweet. Emily you are so kind to me. Ben Riech keepin the groove on all day long and into the night. Your a jammin bass droid. Vann you helped create businessman luke. Thankyou Greg Cope for swimmin with me buildin that dulcimer and growin up. Thomas keep up the drawin. Paul in st joe your great to be around. Katie youre so graceful at times. Ken Appodaca you ARE THE nicest guy I have ever met. Mike Mckenzie the saturday night special is hillarious always play your songs and sing your heart. Kathryn you bless the night sky like a star child like ms flower smile. BJ Thanks for all the specials conversations. Jay and Dan and Clint and
Darion In sioux falls thanks for being my friends while i was there and jammin late into the night. Ben riech Im glad you liked the shirt Ill try to make it to one of your sunday brunch jams again.

My friends are everything to me. Maybe all combined you know me better than i know myself

A life is like an aroma made from many exotic blends of beauty and truth. I heard something like that when was eating a burger with the "hollywood marine" a traveller I picked up on highway 94 in michigan. He told me life is all about friends, all about people you know. I never saw him again but to me he is a friend and he taught me to love people more.
To do that consistently is not easy for me. I have a hard time liking alot of people because they apperar to be so empty so when i do find deep happy fun crazy beautiful true wise neat people I gain so much and feel more at home in the world. Thankyou my friends for just being yourselves, for godsake what more is there. I dont expect anything more from you. Thankyou

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